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Ocak 2000, Istanbul
Burcu Yelda Özgür

Guys who cheat on their gf
Girls who cheat on their bf (give us bad names)
People who are racist
People who judge me by my religion
Guys who hit girls (hard)
BSB and all bands like them
Brittany Spears (whore)

Guys who talk shit about a girl just cause she dumped his ass
People who steal
Stuck up people
People who make fun of others to feel good about themselves
People who always try to impress me
Sissy girls (Ewww, can you kill that spider for me?... gag me)
Sissy boys (Oh, I'm just sensitive)

No you're not you're a SISSY
Fake people/back stabbers
                                                                                       Sayfa Üstüne